Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Sarah Palin Situation

I fear we may have another Dan Quayle on our hands.

I know why she was chosen. The Republican Party kowtows to the religious right and John McCain, it was feared, doesn't excite that faction enough to insure that they would show up at the voting booth in sufficient numbers. I wasn't worried about her limited foreign affairs any more than voters considered that the criterion when electing Governors Bush, Clinton, Reagan or Carter.

But the McCain camp has kept her hidden. They did let Charles Gibson talk with her first publicly and he threw a low blow asking about the Bush Doctrine. She didn't know what he was talking about. Most people didn't know what he was talking about. That question was made simply to embarass her. Shame, shame.

Now they let Katie Couric loose on her. Katie lobs the ball. And Sarah strikes out.

Thursday night is the Veep debate. All eyes will be watching.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank you, WAMU!

Best response I've heard so far about WAMU.

The Dallas Morning News asked some WAMU customers/morons on the street their thoughts about the epic collapse of Washington Mutual.

"Daniel Pham, a cosmetology student who says he doesn't have a lot of money, seemed to take news of the bank failure in stride.... He said he thought the $700 billion bailout package would give the economy a 'good boosting.'
And he also thought the economic crisis was simply part of this election year's drama and predicted that once votes are cast, 'everything is going to get back to normal,' he said.

Yeah, the almost a trillion dollars that this is going to cost is just part of the "Election year drama" like attack ads and debates. I hope that guy doesn't vote.

Louisiana Legislator Wants Fewer Poor Kids

A most worthy cause. His solution? Pay poor women $1000 for sterilization.

His suggestion brings up for discussion an age-old topic. Comments always arise about the appearance of the poor having large families. The perception is that the heads of the household living off the public dole are raising an exponential number of future public dolers who will raise another exponential number of future public dolers. Sounds like a Ponzi scheme. This theory has not been proven. But it has not been disproven.

Before the African-American community put stereotypes under a magnifying glass, there are more whites than blacks on welfare. This has been proven.

Dallas Observer's Best Of

Best advice: don't waste your time reading it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Warren Buffett Goes Prospecting

It looks like the Sage of Omaha may have struck gold with this one. He is famous for his buy-on-the-cheap strategy and has invested $5 billion in big-name Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs as the stock price fell to almost 55% below its 52 week high. He'll get preferred stock which pays a 10% dividend. He'll get warrants, which unlike those in the legal community are a good thing in the investment world. They will allow him to buy $5 billion in common stock at a strike price of $115. Goldman closed yesterday at $133. These warrants, if exercised (they will), must be made within the next five years. And best of all (for him) he didn't buy any of the Love Canal mortgage assets.

This is his first drink to satisfy his long thirst for ownership in the financial services sector.

By the way, Mr. Buffett's investment was made through his Berkshire Hathaway buy-and-hold black hole. BRK.A closed yesterday at $133,500. It has never split.

Clay Aiken Is Gay!

News flash? No. But he came out of the closet yesterday.

Lazyman's Guide To Music Fests

I've been to huge outdoor music festivals from Memorial Stadium in Austin to Texas Stadium to the Cotton Bowl to the Fairgrounds in New Orleans to Goliad, TX, to Atoka, OK, to Zilker Park in (again) Austin. They all have two things in common: generally great music and generally miserable conditions (sun, rain, heat, dirt and porta-potties where no adjective will suffice). I've experienced the "experience." My Barcalounger now beckons.

The festival producers have found the Rosetta stone for the writing on the wall and are now offering upgrades as well as the nominal economy class.

My thrice-visited Austin City Limits Music Festival now has Adirondack seating in the shade, air-conditioned johns with two-ply, unlimited libations, catered meals (menu unknown), an Internet hangout and even a rotating team of ("Yes, we accept tips") masseuses.

But you pay what you get for. Three-day tickets for the hoi polloi are sold out but you can still buy one-day tickets for Friday or Sunday for $80. The three-day bourgeoisie package described is still available for $850. Cheap.

Cowboy Chicken

Site. Their chicken enchiladas are an orgasm looking for a place to happen. The adage of "if you can't say something good about something don't say anything at all" prevents me from mentioning their sides.

Paris Hilton Is Cute

There. I've said it. Big Mac attack.

Juan's Siesta

Juan's Tex-Mex Restaurant on Frankford & Preston has pulled a Frida Kahlo and died. Too bad. Because it wasn't.

Woman Pushed From Car — Dallas Video

Watch this video! Not too graphic.

Last Home Run At Yankee Stadium

And who gets to keep the ball?

Everyone needs a good lawyer.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

That 70s Show

This is all you remember of it isn't it?

Joe Biden Faux Pas

Joe Biden on the current financial crisis:

"When the stock market crashed [1929] Franklin Roosevelt got on television...and explained what happened"

1. Herbert Hoover was President in 1929.
2. Television wasn't introduced to the public for another decade.

Prior to the above comment he said, "Part of what a leader does is...demonstrate that they know what they're talking about."

Does he know what he's talking about?

Flatulence Felony

Too much refried beans in the diet?

Banana Chases Gorilla; Two Arrested

Two students at Flower Mound High pulled this stunt Friday night during a football game. They spent 16 hours in jail. Youtube. (best to let it completely buffer before playing).

Apparently no truth to the rumor that the gorilla was of the 800 pound variety. Except for the arrest report, it seemed as if the banana slipped away. (I couldn't help that).

Credit Card Birthday

Fifty years ago this month almost every home in Fresno, CA, received in the mail the plastic fantastic BankAmericard. What came to be known as the "Fresno Drop" is now something else to blame on the U.S. Postal Service. You're addicted. Admit it. Is there a 12-step program for this?

We will never be a cashless society, though some are loath to admit it. I just wish we'd get rid of the penny.

Frightening Economic Numbers

China holds more than $502 billion (½ trillion) in U.S. treasuries.

Japan holds more than $592 billion.

More than 25% of our national debt is owed to international lenders.

If Congress, as expected, raises the debt ceiling to $11.3 trillion, it will be 79% of our $14.3 trillion economy.

Remember when we were children and we used the term trillion as some astronomical figure? Now we use the word frequently. Will our children or grandchildren start using the term quadtillion? And not be surprised when they use it as adults?

Teri Hatcher Photo

"They're real, and they're fabulous." Seinfeld episode

Bug Me Not

This site, which I'm still lookinh into, apparently provides user names and passwords that can be used to "bypass compulsory registration" for a limited number of newspapers (NYTimes & Post, Washington Post) and political blogs. I frequently read the and don't recall being asked to register. But I found the link on Nancy Kruh's blog so it might be of some use.

Oswald's Landlady's Daughter Dies

Fay Puckett, 1924-2008. Obituary. At one time Ms. Puckett lived in the house at 1026 N Beckely where Lee Harvey Oswald rented a room for six weeks prior to Nov. 22, 1963. Her daughter, Puckett Hall, lives there now.

Too Skinny?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Makes No Cents To Me

The last time the design of the penny was change was 1959 when the Lincoln Memorial was put on the back. Next year the reverse side will feature four new designs: the log cabin of his childhood, Lincoln sitting on his butt on a log reading a book, him unproportionally next to the Illinois Capitol building and a drawing of the U.S. Capitol with a big hole in its dome.

To be succinct, we should just do away with the penny.

And before you get your knickers in a dither, yes it will have "In God We Trust" engraved on it. Somewhere. Just as the dollar coin has it, but most likely not in the same location.

Overpaid Stars

Forbes magazine, using a formula of adding the stars' pay from their last three movies divided by the gross income of those three movies, came up with their list of the most overpaid stars:

1. Nicole Kidman
2. Russell Crowe
3. Tom Cruise
4. Jennifer Garner
5. Cameron Diaz
6. Jim Carrey
7. Nicolas Cage
8. Drew Barrymore
9. Will Ferrell
10. Cate Blanchett

Steak 'N Shake Out

The outlet at the corner of Frankford and the Geo. Bush now has plywood over the windows and since Hurricane Ike has already passed one can only conclude that the owner decided to eighty-six the location. Apparently that parking lot full of invisible cars bringing a dining room full of invisible customers couldn't pay the visible bills.

Krispy Kreme Kones

The company that has a business plan with a hole in the middle of it will try to continue their past three years of abysmal sales by adding soft-serve ice cream to their deep fried menu. The phones at brokerage houses are awaiting your call. Don't disappoint.

Football Betting

Every should know what the "spread" is in football. For Sunday's game, Dallas began as a 12 point favorite over Washington. So if you bet on Dallas, the Cowboys would have to win by more than 12 points for you to win. Win by less than 12, or lose, you lose. Win by exactly 12 and it's a push, or no win/no lose. These spreads are picked by some very knowledgeable people who have worked the Las Vegas sports books for years. Check this one out.

Nancy Kruh Quote

"In politics, perception trumps reality."

Who is Nance Kruh? She pours over numerous op-ed pieces, generally both liberal and conservative and almost always political, takes excerpts from many on the same topic and ties them together in a balanced opinion piece. Her column, which not surprisingly is called Balance Of Opinions, is also the name of her blog. Her writings are not plagiarized static as she attributes (blames) those whose words she uses. She appears to be a hottie in the thumbnail photo below her column.

Hand Me A Drink

Make that a double.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The No Nonsense Man

Marc Rudov tells it like it is.

Yogi Berra Says Goodbye

Word Of The Day

virgule - the proper term for what is normally called a slash (/).

Iron Mountain

3 Year Price History

Is it time to get back to the basics of investing? You decide.

Iron Mountain Inc. (IRM) is a Bioston based data protection and storage services company. They also specialize in document shredding. Their crown jewel is a former U.S. Steel mine 220 feet below a 145-acre complex in a secret location in Butler County, just north of Pittsburgh. Stored in the climate controlled labrynith of limestone tunnels are irreplaceable documents and electronic data. Security is tight. Trust is nonpareil. And since 9/11, companies are looking to Iron Mountain for storage space the size of Wal-Marts. No other company can compete.

Today's close 25.96 -1.50
52-wk high 38.55
52-wk low 24.02
p/e ratio 38
YTD -25.8%
earning/share .73

"The First Billion Is The Hardest"

New book by 80-year-old multibillionaire and Dallasite Boone Pickens.

Islamabad Marriott Hotel Bombing

N Y Times slide show.

Tony Romo Can Go Home Again

Tony Romo is from Burlington in the (great) state of Wisconsin. In Wisconsin there are only two football teams of note: the Green Bay Packers and the University of Wisconsin Badgers.

Tony Romo went to Eastern Illinois. Wisconsin didn't recruit him because they had a quality QB in Brooks Bollinger. In last night's game in Green Bay, the Cowboys started QB Tony Romo. They made inactive their #3 QB, Brooks Bollinger.

The Cowboys won their first ever game in Lambeau Field.

Sidewalk Art

Kids with chalk!

Heartattack Grill®

Don't ask for a salad.

Final Game At Yankee Stadium

Julia Ruth Stevens, 92, daughter of Babe Ruth, threw out the ceremonial first pitch for the final game at Yankee Stadium. Attendees included Yogi Berra, Reggie Jackson, Willie Randolph, Paul O'Neill, Whitey Ford and Don Larson. Mickey Mantle couldn't make it because he's dead.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Too Funny

(I'm not a big fan of that expression).
But there's a site with some cool sh*t funny video. Check it out.

Starting A New Business?

You need this blog.

Galveston County

Galveston is the county seat but the county also includes mainland Texas City, Friendswood, La Marque and the Bolivar Peninsula towns of Port Bolivar (pop. ±1200) and Gilcrist (pop. ±750). Galveston is historic, home of the state's oldest newspaper, and accommodates the U.T. Medical Branch, National Maritime Research Center and Texas A&M at Galveston. The city will be rebuilt. BUT...

I don't know that Bolivar Peninsula should, at least not at taxpayer expense, other than to keep state highway 87 in shape. Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson stated that Gilcrist was unlikely to be rebuilt beyond a "beer joint and bait camp." Hopefully the people who lived there had insurance, but they should not be allowed back to rebuild any more than the people in the ninth ward in New Orleans.

Kate Bosworth Photo

She's 25 and starred in the movie "21"

Naked Short-Selling & Yo 11

Casino craps is the only mainstream gambling game where a wager can be placed to lose, thereby winning. You have to place your bet that the person tossing the dice will lose. (Yo 11 is part of the craps jargon where a six-five is rolled on the first throw and is an automatic winner to all except those making the aforementioned contrarian bet).

Short-selling is a quite simple yet arcane method of placing a "bet" that the price of a particular stock will fall. While most analysts are looking for the vitamin D fortified, the short-seller is looking for the clabber. Short-sellers are often seen as the National Enquirer of the investment world. But while the mainstream media was "going long" on John Edwards, the National Enquirer was doing their research and ended up pocketing some major Ben Franklins.

Short-selling 101: shares of ABC Corp. are currently trading at $100 per, but Abel believes they are valued at $50 each and that the share price will soon drop. So Abel "borrows" 500 shares of ABC from Baker and immediately sells them for $50000. A full moon later the shares are indeedtrading for $50 apiece so Abel spends $25000 to buy 500 shares and pay Baker back. You do the math.

BVDs are allowed while playing the naked short-selling game. The difference is that the "borrowing" is never done. There are regulations against doing that. There are also loopholes. The clifford BIG red DOGS play naked with loaded dice. They are also buying a form of insurance derivative that bets that companies will default on their loans. The term is "credit-default swaps" and the number of people who fully understand them approximate the number of people who know the secret handshake at Wally's Barber Shop. Swaps remain unregulated for institutional investors, insurance companies and individuals with a net worth above eight figures. Warren Buffett prefers to play bridge. There becomes so much downward pressure placed on a company or sector that they are in effect throwing banana peels in front of someone on crutches.

The SEC has temporarily (until Oct. 2) halted short-selling on 799 financial stocks.

Presidential Election Headlines

This may be the most interesting presidential nominating and election season in our lifetime. And the final say-so on who will become the next leader of the free world is just 44 days away. Its significance is such that today's Dallas Morning News' first headline about it appeared on page 12A.

Nice Job If You Can Get It

You retire able-bodied and the next day you file for disability.

Give me a break.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Smoke-Free Dallas Nazis

Once again free enterprise faces government oppression. Remember when some Johnny-come-do-gooders wanted to tax patrons of topless bars $5 each with receipts going to a fund to aid sexual assualt victims? Rational people failed to see the correlation and that idea was deep sixed.

The Bronx Cheer Army has been attacking smoking (and smokers) since at least the 1960s. Most early battles were easily won and many victories were noble. (Smoking was once allowed on airplanes? Get real.)

But now the Crusade of the Pompousness is surrounding the castle of the last bastion of adult-only public Nemea where the world's problems are truly solved — the neighborhood bar.

Their argument is simple. Secondhand smoke kills. Frightening isn't it? Yet no one is forced to go into a bar. They're not grocery stores. Generally children are not allowed. No one is forced to work in a bar. The job requirements fit many other venues of employment. And most important of all, if there was a vast market for smoke-free bars, don't you think it would have been tapped?

Between the Nazis of Smoke-Free Dallas and the righteous indignation vigorously expressed by MADD, is the neighborhood bar on life support?

Dow Jones Industrial Average Text


Little Caesar's Blvd.

Follow closely:
First the brain trust at Dallas City Hall, in a non-binding citizens' survey, asked what to rename Industrial Blvd. now that it will serve as a gateway to the new Trinity River Park. Out of six names offered, César Chávez was the favorite with 51%. "Oh no," the brain trust says. "Let's call it Riverfront Blvd." Well why did you do the survey in the first place? The Hispanic community became outraged and a compromise suggestion was made to rename Ross Ave. after Mr. Chávez. "Oh no," the businesses east of downtown said. So the decision was turned over to the City Plan Commission. A subcommittee voted against renaming Ross to Chávez while the full commission voted against changing Industrial to Riverfront. Now the full commission will have to vote to change Industrial to Chávez while 12 of 15 City Council members' votes will be needed to override the commission's decision and change Industrial to Riverfront. Got that?

And the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round.

All I can say is Pizza! Pizza!

Orange County

New book by 'Ask A Mexican' Gustavo Arellano

Gwyneth Paltrow Photo

Simply beautiful.

Largest U.S. Cities

Not in population. You already know that. In area per square miles:

1. Sitka, AK* 2874 sm

2. Juneau, AK* 2717 sm

3. Anchorage, AK* 737 sm

4. Jacksonville, FL 758 sm

5. Anaconda, MT* 737 sm

6. Butte, MT* 716 sm

7. Oklahoma City, OK 607 sm

8. Honolulu, HI* 600 sm

9. Houston 579 sm

10. Phoenix 515 sm

12. Los Angeles 465

14. San Antonio 408 sm

17. Dallas 343 sm

21. New York City 305 sm

23. Fort Worth 293 sm

26. Austin 252 sm

27. El Paso 249 sm

41. Albuquerque 181 sm

*county area included

South African President Going South

and into hibernation.

Help Is On The Way

for the stock market.

Mark Cuban's Blog

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sheriff's Sexam

Most know that Sheriff Lupe Valdez is lesbian. Many, me included, don't care. During a recent, periodically required diversity training class, a voluntary and anonymous questionnaire was made available. Listed below and without comment some of the statements to which attendees were asked to agree with or disagree with:

•Homosexuality is a choice.

•Bisexuals are more gay than straight.

•It is irrelevant if my child's teacher is openly gay.

•The Bible states that homosexuality is immoral.

•I would lose respect for my favorite sports figure if he/she came out of the closet.

•Children should not be raised by gay parents.

Smiley Face Emoticon Invention

Twenty-six years ago today (1982), Scott Fahlman of Carnegie Mellon University first proposed what has become an annoyance to many receiving computer messages: the horizontal smiley face

I may never forgive him.

Jenna Fischer Photo

From the television show "The Office"

Swingers Clubs

An interesting article on the local "lifestyle" scene appears in the latest issue of the Dallas Observer. It primarily focuses on The Cherry Pit at 1306 N Cedar Ridge Dr. in Duncanville. Regardless of your viewpoint you can't help but believe that with enough resources The Cherry Pit could win their case. One problem though: the 582 bottles of liquor found in the house. The article also touches on the club IniQuity where the four partners split a monthly net of $20000 to $30000. That's $60000 to $90000 annually each. Upstairs there are $250-per-night sleepover rooms. Doesn't the club need some type of hotel license?

Economic Confidence?

History: In the 1980s there was land flipping, nefarious real estate appraisals, Danny Faulkner condo construction and easy credit at the corner savings & loan. The bubble burst and the Resolution Trust Corp. was created in 1989, closing or reorganizing 747 institutions holding assets of nearly $400 billion.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...

In the 1950s a 20% down payment was generally required to purchase a house. Lending institutions, obviously in the business of making loans, came to the realization that more people could qualify for loans if the down payment was lowered to 10%. Uncle Sam came out of the Great Depression hangover and started promoting home ownership as an economic force. Regulations of financial institutions became myopic (ex: Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae) and the downpayment threshold fell to 5%, then 3%, then 1%. Credit score requirements fell as well. The condo buying spree of the 1980s became the single family house buying spree of recent memory. Values rose so fast that it became almost de rigueur to get a mortgage is excess of what was paid for the house and buyers could walk out of closing with a check to buy new furniture.

Then the bough broke and the baby fell. Homeowners walked away when they couldn't sell their house for the amount of their loan. Lending institutions became laden with illiquid assets. Unable to sell this "paper," money dried up to make new loans. America, indeed the world, found itself in a credit crisis. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson: "...the root cause of the stress in the capital market is the real estate correction."

Bear Stearns had to be adopted by JP Morgan Chase (with the Federal Reserve's help) in March. It's involvement in the world credit market was too great to ignore. Earlier this month Fannie Mar and Freddie Mac had to be "purchased" by the government. Their tentacles in the country's mortgage necessities are entrenched too deeply to ignore and the only sane thing to do with them is to break them up into regional units. The other evening the Fed gave a two-year, $85 billion loan to AIG in exchange for a near 80% ownership. AIG's massive billions dollars losses in bond default insurance could not be ignored. Also not to be ignored was the agreement among Secretary Paulson, current Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and former Fed Chairmen Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker that these bailouts were needed.

Would these actions have been necessary had there been adequate regulations in place? And is asking that question anathema to my free market beliefs? I think not. On both counts.

Further worries: Panic has set in so much that yesterday before dawn the Fed injected $300 billion into global credit markets. Sensing other measures necessary, the Fed tossed in another $50 billion followed by another $50 billion to maintain a 2% federal funds rate.

And emergency legislation is now being discussed for more government intervention by buying distressed mortgages. Details are being worked out but time is of the essence in that Congress is scheduled to adjourn Sept. 26. Elections are Nov. 4 and Iraq will draw little attention.

Short selling, and today's DJIA:

Selma Blair Photo

Not to be confused with "The Blair Witch Project."

The Sleep Myth

People spread the rumor that you can't "catch up" on missed sleep. Au contraire claim many doctors. They recommend that you think of sleep like a bank account where you can make deposits and withdrawals. You can catch up on rest whether by short naps or a weekend mini-hibernation.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Hero's Just Reward

You've just saved the life of the richest person in the world. As a reward you're offered $10000 per day for the next 30 days OR a penny the first day to be doubled each day for the next 30 days. Quickly arithmeticing the first offer you realize that the figure will come to $300,000 and you don't believe that your actions warrant such largesse. You therefore accept the second offer of receiving 1¢ the first day, 2¢ the second, 4¢ the third and 8¢ the forth, using the same formula for 30 days. DOG! At the end of the rewardaroni you will have amassed $10,737,418.23. You would be wise to postpone those sky diving lessons.

Football Team Names Of The Unique

A football team consisting of third-graders was recently formed in Edmond, OK. They passed on using the names Tornadoes and Lightening and instead chose the intimidating moniker of — the Natural Disasters. The ND's currently have a 2-1 record.


And speaking of the previously used word 'proselytize'...
One day many years ago the door-bell rang and being a dumbass at the time I answered. I was met by a young, clean cut black man in black slacks, a white shirt and tie. I was in a terse mood and thinking he was a Jehovah's Witness I immediately blurt out, "I don't have time for proselytizing." His wide-eyed response was, "Man, I'm not trying to steal nothin'. I'm trying to sell magazines."
I almost bought a year's subscription to Time.

Becoming A Mason

My step-dad was a staunch Baptist — and a proud member of the Masons. His funeral was typically Baptist. Then we moved to the cemetery for the burial. Again the Baptist minister presided, but with his blessing a Masonic ritual was allowed. Three Masons wearing black suits and funky waitress mini-aprons arose and did something strange that I really didn't pay that much attention to. Afterwards I rode back to the house with my step-brother who recalled that he once asked his dad how someone is invited to become a Mason. Eddie then dropped the subject. Curious, I asked him, "How do you get asked to join the Masons?" That's the ticket. You have to ask them first. They don't proselytize.

New Orleans Hurricane Gustav Photo

Looks eerie.

See-No-Evil Employment

Massage night school? Are they getting rubbed the wrong way?

Remembering Jimi

On this day in 1970, Jimi Hendrix died in London by choking on his own vomit while OD'ing on barbituates. He was 27.
"All Along The Watchtower."
Recorded by Jimi. Written by Dylan. Bob, not Thomas.

Announcement of his death.

Cottonfields And Crossroads

Los Lonely Boys. Desde San Angelo. Live version.

I do believe Henry Garza has been practicing some Stevie Ray licks.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Josh Howard Salutes His Mouth

But not the National Anthem.

I heard one idiot whitebread say that due to America's past treatment of blacks, there should be no surprise at his actions. WHAT? Just how long does it take for some whites to get over the guilt of the past, and for some blacks to get over the antipathy? One generation? Three generations? Never? I've seen American military men and women of all stripes and colors returning from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and would hazard to guess that 99% are very patriotic. And just where else does Josh Howard think he can use his athletic prowess to earn the kind of money he does and be able to afford his $1.5 million house at 6306 Linden Ln?

And while I'm having a jones for question marks, just who made up the rule that we must play the National Anthem at sporting events?

Farmers Branch's Foot-In-Mouth

This armpit of the Metroplex and its Mayor Tim O'Hare continue their guise of requiring renters to prove that they're American citizens or in the country legally. Everyone knows the effort is a ruse to stem the tide of Latinos moving there. And now an email from Mr. O'Hare in 2006 has surfaced; and it shows some true colors. "My family has been here since 1956," it states. "I don't want us to have to move. I don't want us to have to live somewhere else. But I'm not going to live in Oak Cliff, which is what we are becoming and going to become if we don't make some serious changes."

Oops! Just three months ago I was in the Cliff. We drove down Illinois Ave. past Wynnewood Village, north on South Hampton and through the commercial district of Jefferson Blvd. The population is diverse but heavily Hispanic. Could it be that this is the section of Oak Cliff that Mr. O'Hare is worried about Farmers Branch becoming? I think so. Do I remember him objecting to (and successfully blocking) an ethnic (Latino) supermarket opening in the Four Corners Center of the town? I think so. Is he passing the smell test? I don't think so.

Anti-Abortion Billboards

Roving the streets of downtown Austin.

Elephant Goes Swimming

I hope the glass doesn't break.

Tzipi Livni

Israeli Foreign Minister widely considered to become the next leader of the Kadima party.

R.I.P. Richard Wright

Keyboardist for the band Pink Floyd who died of cancer Sunday. Purists claim that Pink Floyd was not the same since Roger Waters left the band. To them I can only say that Pink Floyd was not the same after Syd Barrett left. Damn purists. Though Roger Waters performed live in Dallas this past spring, it is doubtful that the band Pink Floyd will ever again tour.


Sybil Summers

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Run Forrest Run

Charlie Engle is a running fool. He's attempting to break the record for running across the United States. This tidbit of information was not found in the sports pages. It came from an advertisement for Super 8 motels. He has to have some place to sleep!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Trailer — New "Ice Age" Movie

"Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaur"

Butt Of Course It's Heather Locklear

I found it on the Internet so it must be!

Golf Handicap. Baseball Bat Handicapped.

This guy goes into this Dallas 7-11 about 2 a.m. Wednesday with a baseball bat. And a knife. He uses the bat to hit the cash register until it opens. Does he steal any money? Nope. Instead he maneuvers around the customers to take 10 boxes of condoms and an energy drink. What? No one would chase him? No one would tip him over? In this day of cellphones, no customer could at least tail him until police arrived? He remains on the run. Er, on the roll.

Comics Quote

The cat with the 'tude, from today's Get Fuzzy cartoon:

"The Winter Olympics are like a liberal with a baseball bat: You may not like him, but you have to respect him."

Tell-Tale Tombstone

Everyone knows Edgar Allan Poe is buried in Baltimore. His grave even has a phone number: 410-706-7228. Now some cracked heads in the city with the cracked bell want to move his grave.

Dangerous Word Of The Day

niggardly — not generous; very reluctant to give or spend anything.
Might ought to be careful using that word.

Foxy Brown Photo

Happy 29th birthday. With the name Inga Fung Marchand, I don't blame you for changing it.

Georgia In NATO?

Dick Cheney wants it. But if Georgia becomes a NATO country, and Russia were to attack it again, the other NATO countries per their own charter would be obligated to use military means to defend one of their own. Failure to do so would pretty much make NATO impotent. And doing so would mean (horrors) war with Russia. The pragmatic thing to do would be to 86 the idea.

99¢ Plus Stores

It's time for a name change at the 99 Cents Only Stores. Inflation huffed and puffed and blew down their business model. To become profitable again, the chain of 277 stores will have to raise some prices. Source: Los Angeles Times.

NFL Name Change

Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Johnson had his name changed to Chad Ocho Cinco. That's Spanish for "eight five." Guess what his uniform number is? The league will allow the name on the back of his jersey.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Olga Kurylenko Photo

The next James Bond girl.

Scene from the DVD "Hitman" ohh-la-la!

Olga Kurylenko's Birthmark

Texas Political Shake-up 2010

Gov. Rick Perry has already announced plans to run for another term. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, considered the state's most popular politician, has all but thrown her hat in the ring. She'll win.

That would open up a coveted seat in Washington. State Sen. Florence Shapiro of Plano has formed an exploratory committee for the job but she's little known outside of North Texas. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst wants a higher profile position, has high name recognition and more money than God. Attorney General Greg Abbott and Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, the state's highest elected African-American, are possibilities. My educated guess is that Greg would probably not run for the Senate. Dewhurst's bachelorhood will be questioned. A black Republican who commands respect would be a formidable opponent. That would be a highly interesting primary.

If, as expected, Dewhurst were to run for the Senate, he could not also run for his current job. In steps Abbott who once ran for that office before changing wheelchairs when Cornyn left the AG office to run for the Senate seat he now holds. Would Shapiro come to her senses, forgo her bid for the Washington limelight and take a stab at Lieutenantship? I would guess so. She'd lose against Abbott.

And what about Republican sweetheart Susan Combs? She's currently Texas Comptroller but has been steadily ascending the party's stairway to heaven. She has a law degree but hasn't practiced lately. Look for her on the ballot for the Persian-carpeted Railroad office.

If Abbott runs for LG, that leaves an opening at the AG desk. No clear front runner. Unless it's Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson, another black Republican. The pay is about the same but the gilded throne has more polish.

Sixth Street has nothing on the north end of downtown Austin.

Paris Match Taliban Photo

One of the photos of the Taliban wearing French uniforms. There's outrage in the City of Lights.

What The GOP Convention Taught Us

With the threat of Gustav and the media frenzy it provided, the Republicans basically blew off Monday's schedule. So the traditional four day event became three. It was still considered a successful convention. That should shelve any plans for future extended showcases and save some shekels.
The host cities would be none too thrilled.

Got Milk?


Spoofing is making a phone call and having the receiver's Caller ID show a completely diffrent number than the one calling. Collection agencies are know users of this practice.


Everything you wanted to know.

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme

Tried to off Gerald Ford on this day, 1975.

Take Care Down There

Hilarious ad by Planned Parenthood.

NFL Team Owners By Clout

Per Rick Gosselin using the criteria of team value, market size and league committee membership. Principal owner listed in cases of multiple ownership.

1. Jerry Jones, Cowboys
2. Bob Craft, New England
3. Dan Rooney, Pittsburgh
4. Pat Bowlen, Denver
5. Bob McNair, Houston
6. Dan Snyder, Washington
7. Jeff Lurie, Philadelphia
8. Jerry Richardson, Carolina
9. Steve Bisciotti, Baltimore
10. John Mara, NY Giants
11. Wayne Huizenga, Miami
12. Paul Allen, Seattle
13. Al Davis, Oakland
14. Arthur Blank, Atlanta
15. Woody Johnson, NY Jets
16. Tom Benson, New Orleans
17. Jim Irsay, Indianapolis
18. Alex Spanos, San Diego
19. Bud Adams, Tennessee
20. Wayne Weaver, Jacksonville
21. Malcolm Glazer, Tampa Bay
22. William Clay Ford, Detroit
23. Clark Hunt, Kansas City
24. Mike McCaskey, Chicago
25. Randy Lerner, Cleveland
26. Mike Brown, Cincinnati
27. Ralph Wilson, Buffalo
28. Bill Bidwill, Arizona
29. Zygi Wilf, Minnesota
30. Mark Murphy, Green Bay*
31. Denise DeBartolo York, San Francisco
32. Chip Rosenbloom, St. Louis

* President. Publicly owned.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's Called Voicemail

It's a private bus, and they can make the rules.

Unfortunately, some people lose common courtesy when on the phone. I can pretty much block out two people talking, but only hearing one opine aloud is sometime annoying. It's fine while shopping, but if you're in line to check out, hang up the phone. And if you're at the library...did you know the Dallas Public Library says the law does not allow them to post a sign saying no cell phone use inside?

Cindy McCain's Half Sister

She says she's an only child.

Sarah Palin Photo?

To quote Paris Hilton, That's Hot!

The New York Football Giants

Just why do radio sports dudes call them the New York Football Giants? You don't see that term in print or hear it on TV. There are no other giants in New York. No one says the Los Angeles Baseball Dodgers or the Boston Basketball Celtics. Who started this and why did it catch on?

London's Newspapers

And American newspapers wonder why they're going broke.

The Corner Gas Station

is now the corner bank.

The Right To Protest

She can protest all she wants. I think I'll have a cheeseburger.

Cindy McCain Is Right

As in, she is correct. She told CBS News that she does not believe the 1973 Roe vs Wade decision should be reversed.

Her story per Time magazine.

Ford Edsel

The Ford Edsel went on sale on this day in 1957.

Shandi Finnessey Photo

Miss USA 2004

He Fought The Law & The Law Won

Just trying to save a couple of Jackson's.

Blue Mound Heroes

Home invasion doesn't turn out as planned.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

St. Augustine, Florida

Historic District

Cutie Pies

Whine & Roses

Three years ago when Katrina's water surge devasted New Orleans, the populace said the government wasn't prepared. Now that Gustav has landed with much less punch than predicted, the forced evacuees say that officials overreacted.
You can please some of the people...

They've Got Us Over An Oil Barrel

April 4 is generally recognized as the date of oil's short march to the $147/barrel level. Yesterday oil dropped to as low as $105.46 before settling at $109.71. The consumer price of gasoline fluctuates with oil. Prices of consumer goods made with ingrediants derived from oil also rose during the summer, but hold onto your dipstick if you think they're now dropping like prices at Wal-Mart. Proctor & Gamble is keeping prices up "to recover costs already incurred." Aha! That means a short term profit gain. That should result in a short term stock price increase. So let's do some short term investing and buy 100 shares of P&G, which yesterday closed at $70.47 each. We'll check back in a few months.

Vladimir The Brave

Don't even start to believe this!

Wasilla, Alaska

Sarah Palin's roots,

and the "first dude" of Alaska.

Campbell Brown Photo

CNN liberal

Los Vaqueros de Dallas

¡Que bueno!

Witness Protection Program

Don't recognize her do you?


Cover Girl

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Mysterious Neighbors

Once upon a time (less than a year ago) a single woman and her two sons moved into the house across the alley. She doesn't work. How can she afford a house that might cost $4000/month? She mows her own yard, I guess to save money.

Every indication is that she bought the houseYet it's for sale again. Why did she buy it, throw in some improvements and then put it up for sale again so soon? This is not a sellers market.

And then there's her boyfriend (?). He never spends the night. He doesn't spend time alone with the two boys, so he's probably not their dad. When he visits he always comes alone, and if he were a brother he would at least occasionally bring a wife/gf or maybe some buddies. So every indication is the man and woman are seeing each other. I'm guessing both are in their early forties. Is it a religious thing that they don't sleep together? If that's the case, why doesn't she go to church each Sunday?

And why isn't the boys' dad ever around? You would think he would come visit or pick them up. Horrors! Could that mean she's a widow and used life insurance proceeds to buy that house? And if she is a widow it must have been at least a year since her husband died. It's time to get on with her life and give the boys a step-dad.

Why doesn't he spend the night?

Why There Are No Women Valet Parkers

I'm gonna catch hell for this.

August 31, 1988

Twenty years ago a Delta 727 crashed during takeoff at DFW. I was in the vicinity and had to go to the airport for work. As I pulled over on the shoulder of International Parkway I saw the most surreal sight in my life. There in the middle of a field was a huge jet on its belly and broken in two. No evidence of fire, but smoke was coming out from both sides and mixing with the dust that had yet to settle. A triage tent had just been set up, though I didn't know where it came from as there were no vehicles in sight. Sirens! Here came one fire truck followed by one ambulance. The chain link fence was no match for the fire truck. Off in the field one man was just wandering as if in a daze. A few others had stumbled out but were near the plane and appeared dazed as well. A strange longing between wanting to stay and watch and wanting to leave pulled at me. The necessity of work prevailed and I left.

To use airline jargon, 14 "souls" were lost that day.

The Porch Light's On But Nobody's Home

A month ago in the remote village of Baba Kot, Pakistan, five women decided to defy tribal elders and arrange their own marriages in a civil court. Local leaders were outraged and the women were beaten, shot and thrown into a ditch. They were still breathing as their bodies were covered with rocks and mud. Buried alive!

And as if that wasn't barbaric enough, a Pakistani lawmaker on Saturday defended the act. "These are centuries-old traditions, and I will continue to defend them. Only those who indulge in immoral acts should be afraid."

Locks On Denny's Doors

The oft asked question is, if Denny's is always open, why are there locks on the doors?

Michael Lasiter of Modesto, CA, had been injecting cocaine and thought he had accidently injected air into his vein, which can lead to death. Believing that if he cut his arm off he would save his life, he ran from his motel room to a nearby Denny's, grabbed a butter knife and started stabbing himself in the bicep. When that didn't work he ran into the kitchen and started using a butcher knife. Police arrived and used a Taser to subdue him. He was taken to a hospital.

Denny's closed for the night to clean up.


The husband of the possible next vice president got a DWI twenty-two years ago! We must never forget! We must never forgive! We must never vote for McCain/Palin!

Pregnant Pause

The religious right is wrong again.
Presumptive GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin ran for governor of Alaska supporting abstinence-only education in schools. Obviously this means that sex education does not include pregnancy prevention. And Gov. Palin's 17-year-old daughter is five months pregnant.
Obviously from doing what's natural.
When will the Republican Party grow up and call the religious right what they are — the Taliban of America.

The Taliban of America have successfully written into the Republican platform an outright ban on abortion. Exceptions involving cases of rape, incest or when a mother's life would be in danger, supported by John McCain, would not be allowed.

Happy Birthday Sherri

Three things:
Think the world of you;
Wish the world for you;
World of love to you.

And thank you for not laughing too much when I sang "Happy Birthday" this morning.

State Fair Food

What the description says: thick slab of peppery bacon double dipped in batter and deep fried.
What I see: hips.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Aggie Message Board

After the Texas A & M Aggies lost the game Saturday to Arkansas State, a post on asked if A & M could give itself the NCAA death penalty.

Football Foul

The parachutists landed right on the 35 yard line Saturday carrying the football to be used to start the game. One problem was they were almost 2 hours early. And one problem was that nobody expected them. But the main problem was landed on the field of the Duke University Blue Devils. They were hired to land on the field of the University of North Carolina Tar Heels about 8 miles away.