Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank you, WAMU!

Best response I've heard so far about WAMU.

The Dallas Morning News asked some WAMU customers/morons on the street their thoughts about the epic collapse of Washington Mutual.

"Daniel Pham, a cosmetology student who says he doesn't have a lot of money, seemed to take news of the bank failure in stride.... He said he thought the $700 billion bailout package would give the economy a 'good boosting.'
And he also thought the economic crisis was simply part of this election year's drama and predicted that once votes are cast, 'everything is going to get back to normal,' he said.

Yeah, the almost a trillion dollars that this is going to cost is just part of the "Election year drama" like attack ads and debates. I hope that guy doesn't vote.

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Stymie Tapioca said...

As stockholders went to happy hour yesterday their stock was worth $1.69 per. As they were being tucked into bed the federal government became the head cashier. REM sleep was occurring as J.P. Morgan Chase bought most of the bank. When the alarm clock went off this morning investors realized they could use their stock certificates to wallpaper the bath. Hopefully the towels match.