Saturday, September 20, 2008

Little Caesar's Blvd.

Follow closely:
First the brain trust at Dallas City Hall, in a non-binding citizens' survey, asked what to rename Industrial Blvd. now that it will serve as a gateway to the new Trinity River Park. Out of six names offered, César Chávez was the favorite with 51%. "Oh no," the brain trust says. "Let's call it Riverfront Blvd." Well why did you do the survey in the first place? The Hispanic community became outraged and a compromise suggestion was made to rename Ross Ave. after Mr. Chávez. "Oh no," the businesses east of downtown said. So the decision was turned over to the City Plan Commission. A subcommittee voted against renaming Ross to Chávez while the full commission voted against changing Industrial to Riverfront. Now the full commission will have to vote to change Industrial to Chávez while 12 of 15 City Council members' votes will be needed to override the commission's decision and change Industrial to Riverfront. Got that?

And the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round.

All I can say is Pizza! Pizza!

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