Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Farmers Branch's Foot-In-Mouth

This armpit of the Metroplex and its Mayor Tim O'Hare continue their guise of requiring renters to prove that they're American citizens or in the country legally. Everyone knows the effort is a ruse to stem the tide of Latinos moving there. And now an email from Mr. O'Hare in 2006 has surfaced; and it shows some true colors. "My family has been here since 1956," it states. "I don't want us to have to move. I don't want us to have to live somewhere else. But I'm not going to live in Oak Cliff, which is what we are becoming and going to become if we don't make some serious changes."

Oops! Just three months ago I was in the Cliff. We drove down Illinois Ave. past Wynnewood Village, north on South Hampton and through the commercial district of Jefferson Blvd. The population is diverse but heavily Hispanic. Could it be that this is the section of Oak Cliff that Mr. O'Hare is worried about Farmers Branch becoming? I think so. Do I remember him objecting to (and successfully blocking) an ethnic (Latino) supermarket opening in the Four Corners Center of the town? I think so. Is he passing the smell test? I don't think so.

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