Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Josh Howard Salutes His Mouth

But not the National Anthem.

I heard one idiot whitebread say that due to America's past treatment of blacks, there should be no surprise at his actions. WHAT? Just how long does it take for some whites to get over the guilt of the past, and for some blacks to get over the antipathy? One generation? Three generations? Never? I've seen American military men and women of all stripes and colors returning from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and would hazard to guess that 99% are very patriotic. And just where else does Josh Howard think he can use his athletic prowess to earn the kind of money he does and be able to afford his $1.5 million house at 6306 Linden Ln?

And while I'm having a jones for question marks, just who made up the rule that we must play the National Anthem at sporting events?

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