Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lazyman's Guide To Music Fests

I've been to huge outdoor music festivals from Memorial Stadium in Austin to Texas Stadium to the Cotton Bowl to the Fairgrounds in New Orleans to Goliad, TX, to Atoka, OK, to Zilker Park in (again) Austin. They all have two things in common: generally great music and generally miserable conditions (sun, rain, heat, dirt and porta-potties where no adjective will suffice). I've experienced the "experience." My Barcalounger now beckons.

The festival producers have found the Rosetta stone for the writing on the wall and are now offering upgrades as well as the nominal economy class.

My thrice-visited Austin City Limits Music Festival now has Adirondack seating in the shade, air-conditioned johns with two-ply, unlimited libations, catered meals (menu unknown), an Internet hangout and even a rotating team of ("Yes, we accept tips") masseuses.

But you pay what you get for. Three-day tickets for the hoi polloi are sold out but you can still buy one-day tickets for Friday or Sunday for $80. The three-day bourgeoisie package described is still available for $850. Cheap.

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