Thursday, September 4, 2008

The New York Football Giants

Just why do radio sports dudes call them the New York Football Giants? You don't see that term in print or hear it on TV. There are no other giants in New York. No one says the Los Angeles Baseball Dodgers or the Boston Basketball Celtics. Who started this and why did it catch on?


Anonymous said...

I don't think I am 100% correct, and I am too lazy to look at wikipedia, but I think they are called the New York Football Giants because their used to be a baseball team called the New York Giants, which is now the San Francisco Giants. Again, too lazy to see, but I swear I read that a lot of teams used similar names in both sports for the reason that they had to share facilities. I think there were the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds and New York Yankees. Just what I read a couple years ago. I could be totally wrong though.

Stymie Tapioca said...


Thank you for making me look that up.