Monday, September 22, 2008

Iron Mountain

3 Year Price History

Is it time to get back to the basics of investing? You decide.

Iron Mountain Inc. (IRM) is a Bioston based data protection and storage services company. They also specialize in document shredding. Their crown jewel is a former U.S. Steel mine 220 feet below a 145-acre complex in a secret location in Butler County, just north of Pittsburgh. Stored in the climate controlled labrynith of limestone tunnels are irreplaceable documents and electronic data. Security is tight. Trust is nonpareil. And since 9/11, companies are looking to Iron Mountain for storage space the size of Wal-Marts. No other company can compete.

Today's close 25.96 -1.50
52-wk high 38.55
52-wk low 24.02
p/e ratio 38
YTD -25.8%
earning/share .73

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