Friday, September 5, 2008

Texas Political Shake-up 2010

Gov. Rick Perry has already announced plans to run for another term. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, considered the state's most popular politician, has all but thrown her hat in the ring. She'll win.

That would open up a coveted seat in Washington. State Sen. Florence Shapiro of Plano has formed an exploratory committee for the job but she's little known outside of North Texas. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst wants a higher profile position, has high name recognition and more money than God. Attorney General Greg Abbott and Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, the state's highest elected African-American, are possibilities. My educated guess is that Greg would probably not run for the Senate. Dewhurst's bachelorhood will be questioned. A black Republican who commands respect would be a formidable opponent. That would be a highly interesting primary.

If, as expected, Dewhurst were to run for the Senate, he could not also run for his current job. In steps Abbott who once ran for that office before changing wheelchairs when Cornyn left the AG office to run for the Senate seat he now holds. Would Shapiro come to her senses, forgo her bid for the Washington limelight and take a stab at Lieutenantship? I would guess so. She'd lose against Abbott.

And what about Republican sweetheart Susan Combs? She's currently Texas Comptroller but has been steadily ascending the party's stairway to heaven. She has a law degree but hasn't practiced lately. Look for her on the ballot for the Persian-carpeted Railroad office.

If Abbott runs for LG, that leaves an opening at the AG desk. No clear front runner. Unless it's Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson, another black Republican. The pay is about the same but the gilded throne has more polish.

Sixth Street has nothing on the north end of downtown Austin.

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