Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Mysterious Neighbors

Once upon a time (less than a year ago) a single woman and her two sons moved into the house across the alley. She doesn't work. How can she afford a house that might cost $4000/month? She mows her own yard, I guess to save money.

Every indication is that she bought the houseYet it's for sale again. Why did she buy it, throw in some improvements and then put it up for sale again so soon? This is not a sellers market.

And then there's her boyfriend (?). He never spends the night. He doesn't spend time alone with the two boys, so he's probably not their dad. When he visits he always comes alone, and if he were a brother he would at least occasionally bring a wife/gf or maybe some buddies. So every indication is the man and woman are seeing each other. I'm guessing both are in their early forties. Is it a religious thing that they don't sleep together? If that's the case, why doesn't she go to church each Sunday?

And why isn't the boys' dad ever around? You would think he would come visit or pick them up. Horrors! Could that mean she's a widow and used life insurance proceeds to buy that house? And if she is a widow it must have been at least a year since her husband died. It's time to get on with her life and give the boys a step-dad.

Why doesn't he spend the night?

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