Friday, August 8, 2008

Credit Card Deals

Gasoline Savings
Get a Valero/Diamond Shamrock credit card and receive a 10¢ per gallon rebate on your credit card statement for the first three billing cycles. Offer is limited to 100 gallons per month. Apply online at or call 800-495-3998.

$139 Airline Ticket to Europe
Travelers can earn enough miles on US Airways for a trip to Europe, Hawaii, the Caribbean or Mexico. Sign up for a US Airways Visa Signature cardwith an annual fee of $90. Your first purchase on the cardgives you 25000 miles. Also sign up for the US Airways World MasterCard for $49 and earn 10000 miles. Or sign up for the Premier World MasterCard for $79 and get 15000 miles plus a $99 domestic companion ticket. Do so by Dec 31. Go to, or call 800-932-2775 (mention priority code FABJYJ) the Visa Signature card and 800-307-0341 for either MasterCard.
Take the trip and cancel after the first year.

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