Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do I Have A Right To Be Mad?

It was 6:00 pm, the height of rush hour. I was driving on a major street that had gone from 3 lanes (each way) to two. The speed limit was 40 mph and even with the heavy traffic cars were doing that. Except in my lane. Because in my lane there was a bicycle rider. The light had just turned green and it was taking some time for him to get up to speed. I know, bikes have the same rights as cars to be on the roads and if he was commuting to/from work I would give him a high five but there was absolutely no place to store even a wallet. I can only assume he was doing it for the exercise. Is it too much to say that all things considered, he was rude in choosing that time and place to fulfill his desired exercise regiment at the expense of so many others?

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