Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dallas County Sheriff Endorsements

Law enforcement organizations' endorsements to date for the November election:

Incumbent Sheriff Lupe Valdez — 0
Challenger former Irving Police Chief Lowell Cannaday — 14

An embarrassment is that the Dallas County Sheriff's Association is supporting Mr. Cannaday instead of their boss.


Sam Jones said...

Number of Dallas County primary voter endorsements in 2008:

Lupe Valdez: 116,179

Lowell Cannaday (including the runoff):46,085.

How do you think this will turn out?

Stymie Tapioca said...

I honestly believe Valdez will win it. Endorsements don't tilt people to vote one way or another. I wish Hollywood would figure that out.

Stymie Tapioca said...


Drop a line to and you'll get an invitation to join.

DSO Employee said...

There were over 111,000 Dallas Democrats who voted against Lupe in the Primary, Over 49.7 percent.They recognized her inability to do anything. If those cross over in November Lupe will have a very difficult time being re-elected. Whether endorsements work or not does not really matter. If Dallas County Voters re-elect her, they deserve four more years of incompetence. She claims she has promoted people, she has only promoted 3 people since becoming Sheriff. If says otherwise she is Lying again!