Saturday, August 23, 2008

Denton County Transportation Authority vs DART

DART began 25 years ago, collecting ¼¢ sales tax from 13 cities to supplement its costs. Carrollton, Farmers Branch and Northwest Dallas residents have been paying this tax since DART's inception and have had bus service, but light rail will not become available until 2010.

Johnny-come-lately Denton County towns Denton, Lewisville and Highland Village finally decided to start DCTA with local service and express bus service to downtown Dallas during rush hours. Now they want their own light rail service that will take their riders to Carrollton's end-of-the-line light rail station. So the DCTA riders will be able to jump off their train, walk a few feet and get prime seating on DART while never paying the sales tax that keeps user fees low. Is that fair?

The solution is a gate. Build a big South Texas/Mexico border fence with razor wire atop and install a turnstile where those yankees from Denton County have to pay an admission charge. And, damnit, make sure they speak English upon entering our county!

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