Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last (?) Visit To Texas Stadium

Wednesday night the Cowboys had a workout (yawn) at Texas Stadium and invited their fans to come watch it. Free. A big thank-you to mishkid for providing the limo service. A very big thank-you to Broe (that was the tattoo she had as a tramp stamp) for multiple viewings of her butt crack every time she sat down and for cramming those D-cups into a C-cup bra barely covered by a low-cut top. A special thank-you to the black dude who ran onto the field, was tackled by six security guards and led off in handcuffs by the Irving PD (hey, brotha, that was me in the parking lot congratulating you for your 15 seconds of fame while you were being led to the patrol car). And a huge FU to Jerry Jones for charging $7.50 for a plastic bottle of beer.
Oh, and I can't forget T-Roy DeGar who gave me one of his self-produced CDs, "I Got Options" with the single, City 2 City, which T-Roy assured me would be the next Cowboys' theme. But, T-Roy, I ain't holding my breath.

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