Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pit Bull Control

Some local cities want breed-specific laws. Texas law does not currently allow that. Of course the pit bull unions don't want that because the idiots know their breed will be targeted. Of course it will. There are more dog bites attributed to pit bulls than any other breed. "Owners [just] need to be educated," they say. Of course they do. And of course they won't be. Yes, there are some responsible pit bull owners. A pit bull club member (see story) says fierce dogs are typically about owners who are "already breaking the law." She's helping me make my point! The reputation of the pit bull invites irresponsible ownership. These people will not or can not be educated.

Make laws so tough and enforcement and repercussion so stringent that irresponsible ownership will wane. Strickly limit breeding. And reread those first two paragraphs in the story. And ask yourself when was the last time you heard about two stray (fill in the breed) killing a kitten?

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