Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Those Cheap Texas Rangers Tickets

Let's see. They're available online for as little as $6. Sounds good. To that price, add a $1.75 processing fee. Then there is a $2.75 convenience fee.

If you want to print out the ticket, there is an additional $2.50 convenience fee. What? If I don't print it out, the Rangers have to pull the ticket, put it in an envelope, put your name on the envelope and take it to Will Call, where an employee has to pull it for you upon arrival. It seems that the Rangers should be giving a discount for printing it yourself considering all the manhours they're saving.

Of course, you can prepay for parking. But then add a $2 convenience fee. Per ticket, not per car. After all the nickel-and-diming, that $6 ticket is costing about $27. Then add gas and (optionally) concessions. And they wonder why attendance is low.

Might help if they'd ever be in the pennant race after the All-Star Game.


michkid said...

Cost of a game and quality of life and cost of food!!

Lets not forget about the toll road fees, the 3 times mark up on hot dogs etc, and the comparison of driving to and back , walking to and from car, staying out too late and fealing shity the next day vs the fact that all that is available on TV, in a cool house with cheap food, can fast forward, go to bed early. ALSO, it was an emense pleasure to lay onthe couch and listen to the game on radio which , in the minds eye, is as exciting as the TV camera. Good old radio. Besides that, who really likes pro base ball. Frisco has a park and team that is equaly or better entertainment.
Mich Kid

Rotten Arsenal said...

That's why I go to Cats games. Me, my wife and two of my friends sat 2 rows behind the Cat's dugout and we spent less than $100 on tickets, parking AND food.

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