Sunday, August 17, 2008

Preseason Football

I just love it when a sports writer will "accidently" use the term exhibition season. The NFL suits get hot under the collar.

Remember when there were 6 preseason games and only 14 regular games? That sucked. The roar of the crowd was finally heard and a change was made to 4 preseason and 16 regular season games.

When we had season tickets we always had to pay the same full price for seats and parking for both preseason and regular season. We never went. We couldn't even give the seats away. And Jerry Jones, ever the politician, would always say, "The fans of the Dallas Cowboys enjoy seeing the younger players progress." Jerry, you're so full of it.

The crowd has been roaring again for some time about reducing the preseason schedule to 2 games and expanding the regular season to 18. "But we need those final two games to determine what players will make the cut," the owners say. Who says the NFL cannot have an expanded roster those first 2 regular season games? OK, the bottom line says so. Players don't get paid for preseason games. So an expanded roster would mean more money out of the owners pockets. Things can get worked out by the pencil pushers.

Of course it will become easier for season and career records to be broken. But isn't that what records are made to be?

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