Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Olympics and Wide World of Sports

As a child there were times when we couldn't play outdoors. And on Saturday afternoons during those times there was always Wide World of Sports. It opened my eyes to sports i had never imagined of. Growing up in Texas I never really had any association with winter sports. WWS introduced me to downhill skiing and this weird thing from Canada called curling.The Iditarod caught my eye. Summer brought archery, which I took up later, and sculling and yachting, sports I could never afford to participate in but I later owned a catamaran and learned to sail on the vastness of Lake Texoma.

As an adult my television sports viewing is pretty much limited to football and basketball, both pro and college, and a smattering of Wimbledom and the Masters.

Every four years we elect a president and on those same years we have the (summer) Olympics. Sure, some arcane sports are on television during that 16 day period. But I look at it as a brief respite from my normal sports television viewing as well as a memory of my childhood and Jim McKay.

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