Monday, June 23, 2008

Hot Dog Eating Contest Rules

•All wieners (franks) and buns should be uniform in size and weight, and should be provided.
•Each contestant is also provided a glass of water. Dunking the hot dogs in the water is allowed.
•Condiments are allowed.
•Each contestant starts with a plate of five HDBs — hot dogs in buns. Additional plates are provided as needed.
•It is a 10-minute race. The last swallow must occur by the 'bell', and the mouth must be empty.
•In case of a tie there is a two-minutes eat-off.

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Sam ♠ said...

In the 92nd Annual Nathan's Famous contest held 7/4, there was a 59-59 tie at the end of the 10-minute race. Joey Chestnut beat Takera Kobayashi of Japan in overtime 5-4.