Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dallas' Proposed Pet Ordinance

•$70-per-animal permit fees for breeders
•each single house limited to 6 cats and/or dogs; owners of ½+ acre allowed up tp eight; grandfathering allowed by applying to the city
•all dogs & cats over 6 months old must be spayed or neutered unless property of a licensed breeder, a service animal or certification from a veterinarian exempting due to health reasons
•allow the city to seize then impound a dog (after a hearing) suspected of causing bodily injury to a person
•prohibit unsupervised dogs to be tethered to trees or poles
•require owners to provide at least 150 sq ft of space and a dog house for dogs confined outdoors

Of course, there were the usual protests against the ordinance.

Councilmember Elba Garcia claims that sanitation picks up over 13000 dead animals (no time period given) on the street and the city animal shelter euthanizes 80 to 100 animals each day.

In my opinion the ordinance doesn't go far enough. There should be an outright ban on pit bulls, which is the breed most often (per news accounts) associated with causing bodily harm. But that's against Texas law. So they should force male owners of pit bulls to have, "I Have A Very Small Penis" tatooed on their foreheads. Female owners should be tatooed with, "I'm Wearing Perfume to Mask My Clam Smell."

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