Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The White House — The Dallas Cowboys' White House

The one rented in 1994 by Alvin Harper at 113 Dorsett Dr. in the Valley Ranch neighborhood of Irving.
That's the former HQ of the Dallas Stars directly behind the house. The Cowboys HQ and practice facility is to the lower far left.
Alvin Harper was considered the mayor, as well as Michael Irving and Nate Newton. The governor was Charles Haley. The worst job around was that of the two cleaning ladies. They'd find used condoms, sex toys, bras...
I was never invited.
At the time I owned a store shown at this location A. The Stars' facility is to the bottom right and the Cowboys' just below and to the left of it. The oval track and building just below location A is Barbara Bush Middle School which, even though it is in the city limits of Irving, is actually in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD.

Back at the Cowboys HQ, the veterans would often send the rookies to the Coppell Deli, the original one on the two lane blacktop of Bethel Road. I liked their BBQ sandwiches.

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