Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bay Rays Find Room At The Inn

Game 5, World Series, game tied 2-2, raining cats and dogs in Philly and MLB designated idiot Bud Selig decides to suspend the game until tonight. One minor problem: Tampa Bay had earlier made plans to fly back home after the game and now needed 87 hotel rooms on short notice. And MLB's Basic Agreement guidelines called for "first-class accommodations." So the team's traveling secretary called 20-21 hotels before finding enough at the Hotel du Pont 25 miles away in Wilmington, Delaware.

Jeff Ziegler, the guy with the headache responsible for finding the place, reportedly heard the woman answering the phone say, "I think I got a prank call." Ziegler told her, "I'm dead serious. Turn on the TV and you'll see I'm not kidding."

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