Saturday, October 18, 2008

Texas State Board Of Education

District boundaries.

Districts 11 and 12 are divided by the Dallas/Tarrant County line.

District 13 endorsement.

District 11 member Patricia Hardy and district 12 member Geraldine Miller (see paragraph 5) appointed SMU anthropology professor Ronald L. Wetherington to a committee on how science will be taught in the classroom. Miller seems sensible.

Hardy somewhat scares me. See paragraph 18 of this article where she says she is open to the idea of putting intelligent design into the curriculum. (The paragraph starts out, Republican Pat Hardy of Weatherford...)

In district 14, vote for the Democrat. Current member Gail Lowe (R) is on the Intelligent Design/Creationist team.
See paragraphs 5 and 9 (next to last).

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