Friday, October 17, 2008

3 Cups With The A Section

Every two months a request for $38 appears in the mailbox and every two months that same amount disappears from the checking account. The result is that every single morning there is a copy of The Dallas Morning News on the front 6:00 am.

Many mornings I go to J's Cafe in Addison where I enjoy their Community brand coffee served in a ceramic cup. Refills are unlimited but I usually try to stop after 3 cups. The ticket comes to $1.35 and I leave a $1.00 tip which is still less than what the snobs pay at Starbucks a block away where they get their coffee in a paper cup with no refills and they have to stand in line to get it and some of those idiots actually leave money in the tip jar. It is said that ignorance is bliss but perhaps stupidity is as well.

I drink my coffee black-and-white. No cream. No sugar. Extra newspaper. I try to leave the house about 5:45 which gets me to J's five minutes before Gary who, though he has much less seniority than me, always wants to sit in my booth. Ain't gonna happen Gary. But (horrors!) that's before my newspaper has been delivered. Everything's copacetic, Louie. The paper is in the rack at the cafe early and, known only to me, the lock on the rack is broken. So I just "borrow" a paper, read the A section with my caffeine and replace it when I leave. The rack man loses no money and the newspaper still gets their $38 every two months.

Then there's Woody, who comes into J's every morning to get change for a dollar. He sticks three quarters into the rack to get a paper and the other quarter goes in his pocket. He needs change every morning which makes me wonder what happens to that extra quarter.

I have no idea who J is. Or was. I'll have to ask sometime. Rick owns it now.

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